Bert Maas


I try to solve problems by designing intuïtive products or concepts that will help the users in everyday life.


To me, designing is problem solving. It doesn't have to be a big problem. It could be for something that is missing or something that is too time consuming. I look at a problem and I try to see how I could solve it. Every problem consists of different smaller problems. Solving it is not always possible, however solving several smaller problems often is. This is the approach I take towards designing. I like to create a product, idea or concept for the client or user, something they need or could use (not necessarily knowing they need it). Fulfilling their wishes by helping them in everyday life with simple, but useful things.


I am a student that is eager to learn and I do not hesitate to take action. However I am always very critical and I am often told I ask too many questions. I think that is a positive thing.





   Welcome to my B1.1 showcase of Industrial Design at the

     Technical University Eindhoven. I hope you will enjoy browsing

     my showcase and get a good idea of my activity and progress

     over the last semester. The orange texts are little summaries of that

     paragraph. If you have any questions, remarks or

     feedback feel free to contact me.


     Bert Maas






















My vision is to help people connect, communicate and to be (more) civilized.


I noticed that our civilization does not care for being civilized anymore. This is the 'O no you didn't' generation. Being rude and insensitive has become normal. MTV only airs shows about teenage pregnancies and egocentric party people. What we see on tv is becoming reality. In example: There is no respect for elderly anymore. Last week I was sitting in the train and a old lady walked in. She could barely walk, let alone stand the whole trip. No one offered his or her seat to her. Over 35 people watched her come in and no one said a word.


We are all too busy living our daily lifes to see that we are forgetting the fact we live on this world together. This is a problem I would like to help solve, even if it is just by doing little things (like offering the old lady my seat). I would like to, through my designs, try and get people to be more civilized. I would like to help people connect, because that is the most important thing in our civilization; Communication.

Bert Maas, s122841 | Technical University Eindhoven | Industrial Design | B 1.1 | Email | January 2013